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Title: Background
N-Trains was established in 1985 to produce a range of New South Wales N scale freight wagon kits to go with the then growing range of whitemetal locomotive kits from Weico and Sentinel Models.

Our first model was the GLX 45' louvre van, as an injection moulded plastic kit.

The tooling and injection moulding were done by outside contractors and took approximately six months to get onto the market. Over the next few years we continued with this process to develop the range of plastic kits that we have available today.

As tooling costs continued to inflate, we switched our primary production methods to urethane vacuum casting. This is all done "in-house" (garage actually) as it is the most cost effective method of producing the more complicated items such as the chassis frame for the GT van and other detailing parts like our water tank kits. It also makes possible the CPH body as a complete one-piece casting which would be totally cost prohibitive in injection moulded styrene.

For those interested, we also do contract casting work in the urethane material so, if you can make the model we can do the casting and/or marketing for you. I am also looking for a couple of modellers to produce pattern/masters for me for upcoming projects I have in mind but, currently don't have the time to implement.

Thank you for checking out our site and hope you enjoy your little excursion around our world.

Don't forget to check the links to shops/suppliers for other Australian N scale models.

For the record, my name is Ian Alce, I am 48 years old and until recently my family and I lived in Sydney, Australia, where I worked as an optical dispenser. We recently had a "sea-change" and moved to the town of Cootamundra, a major railway junction on the main southern railway line between Sydney and Melbourne. I have been modelling N scale since 1972. Like most N scale modellers "the collection" is far greater that I could ever realistically justify but, I-like-'em-an-I'm-keepin-'em (he who dies with the most trains wins!). Not quite a Judas, I do also muck around with TT scale as well as HO American. There is also a bit of LGB - strictly speaking it's my wife's - that I've been slowly adding to over the years for when I'm too old to see anything smaller.