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Title: Welcome

Colour picture: Kit 703 - NSWGR CPH

N-Trains manufactures and distributes N scale (1:160) model railway items in various materials for Australian prototype — mainly NSWGR (New South Wales Government Railways) — and also now produces coal loads for various American and Australian HO wagons.

See our complete list of N-scale kits, use the drop-down menu on the left or simply start at the first kit and browse through. You can print out the order form for the products you'd like. Finally, check out our links page. Don't forget to contact us if you have any queries or feedback.

NOTE: Prices of N-Trains products increased by 10-15% from 1st January 2005. Except for the coal hoppers, this is the first increase in 6 years. The order forms on this site, in both HTML and PDF formats, now reflect these changes.