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Title: Kits
Kit 202
NSWGR BCH (NHDF) 36' coal hopper or
NSWGR FWH (NGBF) 36' wheat hopper

Colour picture: BCH and FWH hopper versions

A total of 1,635 of these hoppers were obtained between 1951-62 to replace the ageing four-wheel LCH/CCH coal hoppers and the RU grain hoppers in the more heavily trafficked areas of the state's railway system.

The kit will build either a coal hopper (without roof, above left) or the wheat hopper (with roof, above right). The wheat hopper can also be re-coded to FRH (NPBF) cement hopper or a LBH (NPLF) limestone hopper. See also Kit 209 which is the modernised version of the wheat hopper.

Coal loads are now available as Kits 812 (flat), 813 (high) and 814 (triple lump).